Marine Ecomed workshop – Marseille, 3-14 June 2019

First edition of the Marine Ecomed workshop has just begun

2 weeks of intensive study program on marine spatial planning and communication

Following months of preparation, at last the Marine Ecomed Workshop has begun in Marseille, at the Aix-Marseille University.

A total of 25 students from the partners universities (Iuav University of Venice, Aix-Marseille University and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) have gathered at the MIO facilities (Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography) for a 2-weeks intensive study program.

During the workshop students with different study backgrounds are divided in groups. Each group includes people with expertise in  marine biology, planning and GIS.

A  main case study is analysed: the Calanques National Park, which includes both land and marine-coastal problematics. Each group is given a focus thematic to deal with: maritime traffic, environment, fishery and aquaculture, energy and industry, tourism. A series of raw data presented as shape file for GIS plotting are also provided, to give students the opportunity of working with real data.

Students are supposed to select the most suitable data and information to address their issues, analyse them and draft a MSP plan which will be presented at a Multiplier Event at the end of the Workshop (Conference on 13 July).

Students practical group work is alternated during the 2 weeks by frontal lessons and role games or debates.