Fostering communication strategies in marine sciences

Launch of the new animation video on the Marine_Ecomed 1st Intensive Study Programme and workshop experience

One of the main goals of the MARINE_ECOMED Project is to enhance the collaboration of experts and students’ which career is focused in marine sciences and communication techniques. The visual work developed during the two weeks workshop held in the Calanques National Park (Marseille, France) by one of the students awarded with an Erasmus+ Grant, was selected to be published in the form of a short-animated video. The student responsible for this work is Folco Soffietti, from Italy, enrolled in the Master Course in Visual Arts at the University IUAV of Venice.

The visual contents of the video, aiming at describing the framework and the outcomes of the MARINE_ECOMED 1st Intensive Study Programme and the quality of the workshop experience, began with pictures of the characteristic calcareous texture of the Calanques National Park rocks, taken on site, overlapped with hand drawings mainly inspired by landscapes and situations seen during the workshop excursions. Eventually, these techniques were finalized with digital coloring and lettering using Adobe Photoshop and a digital pen, trying to tonally convey one of the major beauty issues of the Park: the encounter between the blue of sea and sky and the white of the coastline. Elena Politi, from Tethys Research Institute was responsible for the video editing and animation.